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With a single instance of CampusVue Student, you can manage multiple campuses, offer flexible terms, deliver online and classroom instruction, and serve the entire student lifecycle.

Mercer University. Nyack College. Corinthian Colleges. Defense Acquisition University. Institutions of every size and mission run on CampusVue® Student, the leading student information system. The solution automates workflows such as financial aid, brings services online to increase productivity and student satisfaction, and provides access to critical data for instant analysis and action.

From recruiting, admissions and financial aid to alumni relations and advancement, CampusVue Student provides a 360° view of campus operations for greater student achievement and institutional success.

CampusVue Student includes tightly integrated modules that span administration and student services at today’s institutions.
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Automate Financial Aid

Much of the workflow, processing, and eligibility screening can be performed automatically by CampusVue Student.

Financial aid departments are the critical link for students and parents seeking knowledge and counsel about the many loan, grant, and scholarship programs. Meanwhile, rising enrollments coupled with changing Department of Education regulations around issues like debt-to-earnings ratios and gainful employment only add to the challenges faced by these departments.

Serve students more effectively, increase retention, and ensure Title IV compliance with CampusVue Student.

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  • On Your Terms

    On Your Terms

    The financial aid engine in CampusVue Student allows you to process the full range of traditional and nontraditional academic terms (Standard term, Non-standard terms, Non-terms and Credit-hour programs).

  • Automated

    Automated Workflows

    • Eligibility: easily configure disbursement approval criteria
    • Clearing: automatically close exceptions that have been resolved
    • Exceptions management: instantly route exceptions to right department or administrator for resolution
    • Automated refund calculation: automatically calculate R2T4 funds
  • Title IV

    Title IV Compliance

    The Financial Aid module enables efficient administration of Title IV funds and eliminates the need for costly integration and support of proprietary Financial Aid processing software. Functions include tracking of 90-10 requirements, automated R2T4 calculation, and calculations for multiple state and institutional refund policies.

Add Your Choice of Software

Service-oriented architecture allows Campus Management to configure
the system to your established workflows.

Add your choice of academic and administrative tools through simple, menu-driven integration.

The company’s suite of APIs lets you extend CampusVue Student with Web portals, bookstore transactions, merchant services, business-intelligence tools, and more.

Open to your choice of leading software for higher education:

  • Bookstore and merchant services
  • Course management and scheduling
  • Financials, HR and payroll
  • Housing
  • Learning management systems
  • Performance analytics
  • Web portals
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    CampusVue Student

    Unite and empower the enterprise with the leading student information system.

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    Talisma CRM

    Engage constituents enterprise-wide with highly personalized communications and services.

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    CampusVue Portal

    Transform your Website into a true Web collaboration platform.

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    CampusVue Forms Builder

    Create unique Web forms with drag-and-drop ease.

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    CampusVue HR & Payroll

    Empower the full employee lifecycle with self-service tools and more.

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    CampusVue Finance

    Respond dynamically to operational, budgetary, and regulatory change.

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    CampusVue Performance Analytics

    Gain real-time insight based on data from across the enterprise.

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    Talisma Fundraising

    Build and enhance relationships with supporters using the leading advancement solution.

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