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From small colleges to some of the largest multi-campus universities, CampusVue Portal brings an institution’s unique brand, offerings, and workflows to the online world.

Harrison College. Kaplan University. Colorado State University. Sullivan University. Over one million students, faculty, and administrators at over 1,100 campuses use CampusVue Portal as their online gateway to academics, financial aid administration, career placement, office applications, and more.

Integrated with CampusVue Student, the leading student information system, CampusVue Portal brings the campus experience to applicants, students, staff, employers, and alumni anywhere in the world, to most any workstation or mobile device. Empower your constituents and enhance services today with CampusVue Portal.

  • Brand the site with your institution’s logos, images, and colors
  • Provide services and interact with constituents online
  • Personalize students’ dashboards with programs and academic and financial statuses
  • Customize content based on location, program, and college
  • Single sign-on (SSO options available)
Choose Microsoft SharePoint or .NET

Available in both Microsoft .NET and SharePoint interfaces, CampusVue Portal offers your institution a true Web collaboration platform.

Campus Management’s .NET platform has a proven history of success with institutions large and small as a robust, highly integrated Web portal solution with CampusVue Student. The new SharePoint option offers expanded customization, branding, and content management capabilities.

While both options give you the same number of powerful transactions, the SharePoint option offers expanded capability for content management and collaboration:

  • Document sharing and publishing
  • Content management, including widgets, blogs, videos, wikis, social media, and other sites
  • Advanced branding and user experiences
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with secure token service (STS)

You can even use Microsoft SharePoint to enable your institutional Website. It offers a familiar Microsoft Office experience so that people can quickly and easily access the information they need.

Whether we deploy CampusVue Portal on Campus Management’s Microsoft .NET platform or the Microsoft SharePoint platform, you gain a highly configurable and feature-rich portal solution that reflects your institution’s brand.

Empower Constituents

With CampusVue Portal, every constituent has single sign-on access to your institution’s resources in a secure online environment.

Every applicant, student, faculty member, and administrator wants an online experience with your institution that is unique to them while they collaborate and communicate with each other.

Applicant Experience

When prospective students enter the portal to apply online, they can also contact your institution, estimate financial aid, submit transfer credits, and get additional program information.

Student Experience

With single sign-on access, students can personalize their portal page, connect to learning management systems, receive award letters, adjust loan amounts, perform degree audits, and connect with employers through career services.

Faculty and Staff Experience

With CampusVue Portal, administrators can access CampusVue Student 24/7. Instructors can post grades, lessons, and attendance, and update their calendars. Advisors can answer student inquiries.

Employer Experience

Through CampusVue Portal, employers can post their company profiles, search for candidates at your institution, and add and edit jobs in minutes.

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    CampusVue Student

    Unite and empower the enterprise with the leading student information system.

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    Talisma CRM

    Engage constituents enterprise-wide with highly personalized communications and services.

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    CampusVue Portal

    Transform your Website into a true Web collaboration platform.

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    CampusVue Forms Builder

    Create unique Web forms with drag-and-drop ease.

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    CampusVue HR & Payroll

    Empower the full employee lifecycle with self-service tools and more.

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    CampusVue Finance

    Respond dynamically to operational, budgetary, and regulatory change.

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    CampusVue Performance Analytics

    Gain real-time insight based on data from across the enterprise.

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    Talisma Fundraising

    Build and enhance relationships with supporters using the leading advancement solution.

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