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Software Solutions for Higher Education

Achieve Your Institution’s Goals for Student and Operational Success.

CampusNexus® enables you to manage traditional and nontraditional academic programs, unite and automate business processes and workflows across campus, gain data-driven insight, optimize and align resources with your mission and goals, and improve student engagement and outcomes.

Built on a Microsoft foundation and the Azure Cloud, CampusNexus enables you to align technology with your unique students, culture, and academic delivery model.

CampusNexus Software:

  • CampusNexus Student – Unite your campuses, departments, faculty, staff and students on a flexible, cloud-based student information system that scales with your institution’s needs.
  • CampusNexus Engage – Drive successful student outcomes with a higher education system of intelligence built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, machine learning and AI.
  • CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll – Gain greater operational efficiencies, optimize resources around student success, and empower faculty and staff with self-service tools.
  • Talisma Fundraising – Build and enhance relationships using the leading advancement solution.

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