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Talisma Fundraising Events

Fundraising and Donor Management

Campus Management offers a wider range of opportunities and training formats for gaining knowledge and maximizing results with Talisma Fundraising. Learn best practices and proven strategies for driving donations and support from our product experts.

Essentials Instructor Led Remote Training

Join us for a Talisma Fundraising Essentials training course - now provided via the web and telephone! This hands-on course is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of the Talisma Fundraising Browser via the web!

Travel no further than your desktop! You may sign up for any 2 consecutive days of your choice – up to twelve hours! Offered at the cost of $1,500 per participant, this course will explore:

  • Account management
  • Gift entry
  • Mailings
  • User configuration
  • Reports
  • Analysis of your development efforts
  • Code maintenance

2 Days - 12 hours - $1,500 Per Participant

Training Schedule
May 26/27
June 9/10
June 23/24

During this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Manage all primary aspects of a donor or prospect record
  • Utilize batch entry to enter the various types of donations, including pledges, matching and soft credit
  • Automate your gift thank-you process
  • Manage tasks
  • Understand the impact of proper coding and maintenance
  • Develop basic filters for pulling reports and exports
  • Run standard reports and use summaries to analyze your development program
  • Customize user views, including the home page and summary page
  • Standardize administration tasks, including duplicate checking, combining accounts and security

Who will benefit:

  • New clients who have just purchased Talisma Fundraising
  • Existing clients who have upgraded to Talisma Fundraising
  • New employees
  • Clients who wish to receive refresher training

Course Prerequisites:

  • You should be familiar with your Windows operating system and experienced with your word processor (specifically merging)
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Advanced Instructor Led Remote Training

This course explores the more advanced features of Talisma Fundraising. It is designed for the experienced user and focuses on:

  • Advanced criteria building
  • Complex exporting
  • Custom report writer
  • Importing
  • Recognition clubs
  • Mass updates
  • Best practices for data management

This course is designed for users who currently work with Talisma Fundraising and are comfortable with basic program functionality, and those who are responsible for databases administration and criteria building.

You may choose any one day that suits your schedule.

The advanced course is web-based and delivered to your desktop! Participants should be able to build basic filters and exports on their own before attending this course.

Training Schedule
May 21
June 18

1 Day - Six Hours - $1,250 Per Participant

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