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About Us

As your institution’s technology partner, Campus Management’s mission is to provide the cloud-based platform, products and services that enable you to transform academic delivery, student success, and operational efficiency – on your terms.

Focused on the Success of Your Institution and Students

We have a saying at Campus Management: “Every line of code we write should solve a higher ed challenge.” As a partner to your institution, we share your passion for transforming communities, nations, and lives. Our CampusNexus solutions built on Microsoft enable you to serve a wide diversity of students and empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. With our singular focus on delivering higher education innovation and services in the cloud, you can optimize resources around your mission and transform challenges into opportunities for your institution and students.

Hear from Central Arizona College

Chris Wodka, Chief Financial Officer at Central Arizona College, discusses how the institution turned to a technology partner in Campus Management that can keep pace with the institution's needs over the long term.

Management Team
Mission, Vision, & Values