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Aligned with the Mission and Goals of Texas Community Colleges and 60x30TX

Meeting the ambitious goals of the 60x30TX initiative will require a combination of new programs, processes, and systems.

A True Partner Committed to Texas Community Colleges

Texas community colleges have worked hard to ensure that more students graduate with the critical skills they need to succeed in today’s economy. But today, not nearly enough Texas students are completing the levels of education needed to fill the jobs that will be available.

Transform with Campus Management

For over three decades, Campus Management’s mission has been to provide institutions a flexible and innovative platform for serving a wide diversity of students, from first-generation students to working adults, and we are committed to helping your community college meet the 60x30TX goals established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). While progress has been made, we still have much work to do if we are going to reach the ambitious goals of 60X30.

Texas Service Center – Helping Community Colleges Meet 60x30TX Goals

As part of Campus Management’s commitment to Texas institutions, we have created the Texas Service Center as a resource for strategies, technology, and reporting tools that align with the goals of 60x30TX. Our experts combine knowledge and experience in higher education processes and CampusNexus to align systems and workflows with your institution’s strategy for student success.

  • Provides all THECB CBM reports as part of our CampusNexus baseline
  • Supports schools in meeting and demonstrating progress toward the 60x30 goals
  • Offers expert guidance in support of your mission

Del Mar College Harnesses CampusNexus Engage to Deliver Dreams

“CampusNexus Engage will allow Del Mar College to foster stronger and more personal relationships with prospective and current students, as well as with alumni.”

August Alfonso,
Vice President for Facilities Operations & Chief Information Officer,
Del Mar College

Goal 1: Educated Population

By 2030, 60 percent of the population age 25-34 will have a post-secondary credential.

Since the inception of 60x30TX in 2015, the actual percentage of the Texas population ages 25-34 with post-secondary credentials has only grown only 3.2 percent since 2014 to 43.5 percent. Of that growth, associate degrees and certificates only grew .3 percent. To grow enrollments and completion rates, community colleges will need to deepen engagement with prospects and students.

Grow Enrollment with CampusNexus Engage

CampusNexus Engage is a next-generation system of intelligence that helps you deepen insight and connections with students. With the solution’s advanced analytics built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power BI, you gain a holistic picture of each student and provide tailored guidance to keep them motivated and on the path to success.

Goal 2: Completion

By 2030, at least 550,000 students in that year will complete a certificate, associate, bachelor’s, or master’s from an institution of higher education in Texas.

In 2018, there were 341,307 awards conferred. To reach our 2020 goal, we still need to increase that number by 10 percent. Furthermore, we will need to increase that number by nearly 39 percent if we are to meet our 2030 goal.

Increase Retention with CampusNexus Engage

CampusNexus Engage combines predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to automatically identify patterns of student behavior and respond earlier to potential issues. You can also automate case management creation and workflows and track student issues through resolution.

Goal 3: Marketable Skills

By 2030, all graduates from Texas public institutions of higher education will have completed programs with identified marketable skills.

The 60X30TX goals are unclear on how to measure this important outcome. What we are certain of is that Texas community college students need to be aware of the marketable skills embedded in their academic programs, and institutions must make certain that students graduate with marketable skills. Additionally, administrators need to be aware of what the market demands in order to plan academic offerings.

Gain Awareness with CampusNexus Occupation Insight

With CampusNexus Occupation Insight, both advisors and students gain insight into what skills and education employers are seeking from graduates and how their courses and programs align with the needs of the marketplace.

Explore Interactive Demos

See how students and advisors can leverage up-to-date workforce data earlier in the student lifecycle and drill down on that data to align academic programs and course selections as industry needs evolve.

Career Explorer Demo

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Program Explorer Demo

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Goal 4: Student Debt

By 2030, undergraduate student loan debt will not exceed 60 percent of first-year wages for graduates of Texas public institutions.

On average, a student receiving an associate degree from a Texas community college graduates with 24 semester credit hours more than they need. With the right guidance and academic options, students can significantly reduce the cost of their education and the student loan debt they face.

Provide Flexibility and Direction with CampusNexus Student

With CampusNexus Student, your community college can easily deliver and manage alternative programs such as competency-based education, online programs, bootcamps, micro-credentials, and flexible and accelerated terms from a single, cloud-based student information system.

In addition to the system’s flexibility, Campus Management’s Guided Pathway’s Tool enables students to see how they get from the beginning to the end of their programs. Designed to supplement the graduation checklist and combine a degree planner with data that can drive employment outcomes, the Guided Pathways Tool is easily configured to support your institution’s Texas Pathways program.

The pathway is adjustable course by course and highlights the impact of course placements on their graduation dates, skills achieved, and the cost of their programs. They click, drag, and drop their courses to create unique pathways to success and see visible progress towards their goals.

Thought Leadership Essay

Empowering Students Through CampusNexus Student and the Guided Pathways Tool

Learn more about Campus Management’s Guided Pathways Tool in this essay by Rebecca Whitehead, Campus Management’s Director of Product Management, Enrollment, Records and Services.

Meeting 60x30TX Goals with a Cloud-based Platform

Built on Microsoft Azure and delivered in a SaaS model, the CampusNexus Solutions Suite provides Texas community colleges a cost-effective platform and pathway for meeting 60x30TX goals. You gain the scalable infrastructure to expand enrollments and the visibility across departments, systems, and the student lifecycle to improve recruitment, retention and outcomes.

  • CampusNexus Engage – higher education’s next-generation CRM system of intelligence for improving recruitment, retention, and outcomes.
  • CampusNexus Student – a highly flexible platform for managing a wide range of academic programs and terms, automating financial aid, reporting and compliance.
  • CampusNexus Occupation Insight – a powerful workforce analytics tool that enables you to align academic programs and student skills with the needs of the labor market.
  • CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll – a comprehensive ERP solution for higher education accounting and benefits administration, faculty management, employee self-service.

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