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Campus Management is now Anthology. We’ve joined forces with Campus Labs and iModules to revolutionize higher education.

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Why Campus Management

Why Institutions are Switching to Campus Management

  • Your Transformation Starts Here

    Make a Direct Impact on Student and Operational Success

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  • Western Technical College

    Selects Campus Management to Replace Diamond D

    Western Technical College View
  • Western Technical College Success Story

    Hear About CampusNexus from Brad Kuykendall

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  • The CampusNexus Student Difference

    Drive Student and Institutional Success

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  • The CampusNexus CRM Difference

    Improve Engagement Across the Student Lifecycle

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  • The Financial Aid Automation Difference

    A Powerful and Proven Financial Aid Automation Engine

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  • The CampusNexus Cloud Difference

    Solutions from Campus Management in a True SaaS Model

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  • Why Campus Management

    Campus Management by the numbers

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Your CampusNexus Transformation Starts Here

In a climate of reduced funding and evolving student needs, your institution values technology that can make a direct impact on student and operational success. That’s where CampusNexus comes in. The solutions suite enables your institution to transform academic delivery, student engagement and operational efficiency – on your terms.

Diamond D institutions that migrate to CampusNexus gain immediate benefits, including:

  • Single version of the truth across the institution
  • Ability to serve traditional and nontraditional students alike with flexible terms and programs
  • Real-time operational and analytical reports at your fingertips
  • Confidence in those reports for making strategic decisions
  • Greater visibility/transparency to evaluate staff performance and impact
  • Automation of manually intensive processes such as financial aid packaging
  • Proven student engagement tools for driving recruitment, retention and successful student outcomes
  • High data integrity across systems and departments
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Why Western Technical College Switched

Western Technical College

As a former Diamond D institution, Western Technical College saw new challenges emerge in response to the changing needs of its students and the institution. As their student population grew, processes became more manually intensive. The lack of integration between the student information and CRM platform made reconciling the two systems more difficult as the institution tried to achieve their recruitment goals.

From meeting strategic objectives to financial aid administration and roster and student accounts management, the institution needed to transform to a new solution, on their terms.

The institution then turned to Campus Management to replace Diamond D and unite its departments and programs, automate processes and migrate their legacy data and integrations.

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Video: 2 Minutes, 44 Seconds

Western Technical College Success Story

Brad Kuykendall, CEO, Western Technical College

Hear why Western Technical College turned to Campus Management to replace Diamond D and unite its departments and programs, automate processes and migrate their legacy data and integrations.

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The CampusNexus Student Difference

The CampusNexus Student Difference

A proven, Microsoft-based student information system that:

  • Provides a highly flexible platform for traditional and nontraditional programs
  • Enables flexible terms and rolling starts while ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Optimizes roster management, making it easy to create courses that align with student needs and identify students approaching program completion
  • Includes tightly integrated CRM to drive success across the student lifecycle
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The CampusNexus CRM Difference

The CampusNexus CRM Difference

Integrated with CampusNexus Student, CampusNexus CRM helps you:

  • Drive successful recruitment and retention through highly responsive and personalized engagement and campaigns
  • Identify at-risk students and behaviors early (e.g., absences, missed meals)
  • Automate notification of advisors to engage with these students
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The Financial Aid Automation Difference

Financial Aid Automation

CampusNexus Student includes a powerful and proven financial aid automation engine that:

  • Automates exceptions management, disbursements, R2T4 calculations
  • Automates Loan Default Management Process (SSCR)
  • Automates EdExpress and COD processing
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The CampusNexus Cloud Difference

With CampusNexus® Cloud, your institution gains rapid access to the most dynamic higher education solutions from Campus Management in a true SaaS model.

  • Subscription-based (Software-as-a-Service)
  • Built on Microsoft Azure
  • Rapidly deployed
  • Expertly managed software delivery and support
  • Optimally configured to your institution’s workflows and processes
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Why Campus Management

Campus Management by the Numbers

Our People and Culture

Campus Management offers institutions unparalleled service and support through industry-recognized Professional Services, Consulting, and Customer Enablement Teams with decades of dedicated service to higher education. Where most service providers only focus on issues resolution, our trusted advisors are equally focused on optimizing Campus Management solutions and services based on each client’s unique challenges and goals.

Campus Management by the Numbers

  • For 29 years, Campus Management has served higher education institutions of every size and mission
  • 650+ global employees serving higher education
  • 41% of employees hold Master’s degrees and 77% hold Bachelor’s degrees
  • 1 in 4 employees have 5+ years’ experience working at higher education institutions
  • 11 Years average experience working in education technology
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