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CampusNexus Engage

CampusNexus® Engage

Drive student success with a higher education solution that goes beyond CRM to provide valuable insight and engagement tools.

CampusNexus Student

CampusNexus Student

Create new strategies and models as student needs evolve with a dynamic SIS that grows and transforms with your institution.

With CampusNexus, we were able to move ERP analysts who used to be database programmers into frontline business offices to focus on more student-centric initiatives.

Chris Wodka,
Chief Financial Officer
Central Arizona College

We wanted to expand, but also maintain our reputation for highly personalized student service.

Joshua Beers,
Senior Vice President for Student Experience
Lancaster Bible College
CampusNexus Finance, HR and Payroll

CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll

Turn data into actionable intelligence so your team can make fiscal decisions that keep your institution on track with your strategic plan.

Asbury University reduced the time to enter and test new student data from 306 hrs to 18

Ultimate Medical Academy decreased new student scheduling time from 10 min to 6 sec

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Christian Hunhoff , CIO, Mount Marty College

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