Engage Students Proactively through the Right Channel - Retention360

Communications are automatically sent across the most optimal channel based on best practices and student preferences, whether it’s email, text message, chat, phone, or letter. This ensures maximum impact when communicating with students.

RENEE: Retain. Engage. Notify. Enablement. Engine

Automatically identify students who may need additional support and recommends the appropriate course of action, including:

  • Appointments with advisors
  • Academic help such as tutoring
  • Invitations to campus events
  • Recognition and reward for improved performance

The RENEE Engine

RENEETM is your students’ virtual guidance counselor, from the time they enroll to when they are successful alumni and giving back to post your institution. She not only facilitates interactions between your institution and students, she also notifies your advisors of students at risk as well as the best way to reach them.

Product Sheet
  • Benefit from Expert Guidance: Retention Manager
    Retention Manager

    This unique offering from Campus Management provides you with a Retention Manager, a subject-matter expert who not only helps assess your current institutional environment and student success profiles, but provides long-term support as your retention and outcome initiatives evolve.

  • Monitor Retention Across Your Institution
    Student Success

    Each institution has a distinct culture composed of facilities, departments, faculty, students and administration. Only by having a holistic picture of the student experience across these touchpoints can you deliver effective communications and services.

  • See How Institutions Deliver Higher Ed on Demand!

    Mobile recruitment. Highly personalized engagement. Keeping students on the path to success. See real-world examples of how the CampusNexus Suite is driving results for today’s colleges and universities.

    Follow our prospective student, ANDY, as he progresses through the student lifecycle, from recruitment and admissions - and beyond.

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  • CampusNexus Cloud

    A secure, world-class enterprise data center as your platform.

    Now you can access the entire CampusNexus® portfolio of on-demand technology – in the cloud. With CampusNexus Cloud, Campus Management hosts and manages your solutions from a world-class, enterprise data center, ensuring maximum availability, security, and scalability.


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