Online Admissions Module

In light of a communication (directive) from the UGC urging campuses to automate admissions, it becomes a matter of priority for your college to take this up at the earliest to comply with this directive.

In addition to complying, institutions can now derive additional benefits of transparency and efficiency while offering students and parents the option of making more informed choices.

Campus Management International (CMI) a global leader in over 18 countries in education technology can help you get compliant In 3 easy steps.

Yes, it’s that easy. No technology hassles or time overruns. Talk to our experts to get compliant today.

CampusNexus Cloud

A secure, world-class enterprise data center as your platform.

Now you can access the entire CampusNexus® portfolio of on-demand technology – in the cloud. With CampusNexus Cloud, Campus Management hosts and manages your solutions from a world-class, enterprise data center, ensuring maximum availability, security, and scalability.

See How Institutions Deliver Higher Ed on Demand!

Mobile recruitment. Highly personalized engagement. Keeping students on the path to success. See real-world examples of how the CampusNexus Suite is driving results for today’s colleges and universities.

Follow our prospective student, ANDY, as he progresses through the student lifecycle, from recruitment and admissions - and beyond.

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