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RMCAD Goes 100% Online with Cloud-Based Student Information System

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design keeps students, faculty and staff connected as on-campus operations come to a halt amid COVID-19 pandemic.

College of Art + Design
Denver, Colorado
CampusNexus Student

“By the time the pandemic hit, the platform was already live and we could move everyone online very quickly as on-campus operations came to a halt."

Matthew Weitzel,
IT Project Manager,
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Cloud-Based SIS Enables RMCAD to Respond Rapidly

Challenges and Goals

  • Maintain academics, operations and student engagement amid COVID-19 pandemic
  • Extend full campus experience to constituents’ smartphones/mobile devices
  • Ensure data integrity during migration to cloud platform


  • CampusNexus Student built on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • CampusNexus Mobile Portal powered by Ready Education
  • Managed Services from Campus Management


  • Was able to pivot to fully online operations when the pandemic hit
  • Students and staff enjoy the full campus experience through their mobile devices
  • Maintained data integrity across departments and systems

RMCAD Pivots to Online Operations in Response to Pandemic

Since 1963, the college’s mission has been to make RMCAD a ‘community of creatives’ that instills in all students a passion for creativity, innovation, and a desire for lifelong learning—both in the fine arts and applied arts. Offering on-campus, online, and hybrid programs, the college was nonetheless ready to pivot to fully online operations when the pandemic hit.

From On Campus to Cloud-Based Student Information System

There was a time when RMCAD’s staff and faculty workstations were configured to a thick-client platform. But issues started to arise when the IT team provisioned new personal laptops for them. Moving their systems and people to the cloud became a top priority. The system that enabled RMCAD to move to the cloud was CampusNexus Student built on Microsoft Azure.

Delivering All Programs Online Amid the Crisis

By the time the pandemic hit, RMCAD’s cloud-based SIS platform, CampusNexus Student, was already integrated with the college’s LMS. “With integrations already setup, all we had to do was build a few more class sections in CampusNexus, fire them off, and the LMS picked them up,” said Matthew Weitzel, IT Project Manager at RMCAD.

Benefiting from Guidance and Support from Managed Services

“I can’t stress enough how critical the Managed Services team is to our college. Campus Management’s SIS Service Delivery Manager is fully integrated into our environment, ensuring relational data integrity across all of our departments,” added Weitzel.

Extending the Full Campus Experience to Constituents’ Mobile Devices

With a Ready Education Mobile app integrated with the system, RMCAD students and staff not only have access to all their apps and contacts, they get all the college’s COVID-19 info and advisories pushed to their smartphones and other mobile devices.

“Students and staff still have the full campus experience at their fingertips.”

Matthew Weitzel,
IT Project Manager,
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Staying Positive – and Creative

One of RMCAD’s students tweeted this: “It is so important to create right now to keep your mind off of everything that is going on in the world and help bring a smile to someone else’s face during these trying times.” With the institution and the campus experience still at their fingertips, these current and future artists can continue to flourish in the best of times, 2020…and beyond.


About Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver, Colorado, is an innovative, rigorous and community-oriented global learning environment that inspires passion for critical thinking, preparing learners to be forces of change in their industries, communities and the world.

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