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Career & Technical College Automates Financial Aid for 10,000 Students Across 22 Campuses

Winner of the 2019 Campus Management Excellence Award for Vision & Innovation.


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CampusNexus Student

Finding a Modern, Flexible Higher Ed Platform

ECPI University, a leading career and technical college based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has distinguished itself by providing programs that serve a wide diversity of students, from traditional students to adult learners and military veterans.

Offering flexible terms, rolling starts and online programs, the institution needed a next-generation financial aid system that could automate and accelerate financial aid packaging for traditional and nontraditional terms in an increasingly complex and growing regulatory environment.

Automating Financial Aid for Students and Staff

ECPI University wanted to modernize its financial aid processes. Administrators were manually reviewing financial aid applications line by line for accuracy, which delayed processing and resolution of issues for students. From an accounting standpoint, with more than 200 batch processes to post every week, the institution needed to improve workload efficiency and reconciliation process.

“Financial aid automation is a way to be more timely without compromising accuracy."

Kim Black,
Quality Control Specialist,
ECPI University

Eliminating Manual Processes and Focusing More on Students

ECPI University implemented financial aid automation processes with CampusNexus Student for its 22 campuses, including the main campus in Virginia Beach, Va., and locations in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.

Since that time, ECPI University has transitioned from 100 percent manual processing of financial aid to 100 percent automated processes, enabling administrators to focus more on direct student engagement and exceptions resolution. In the seven months following implementation, the institution was able to:

Transmit 121,919 Student Records Without any Failure
Resolve 59,000 Exceptions Automatically Over 7 Months
Reduce File Transfer Times by 50%

For ECPI University and its students, this will result in an average of nearly 3,000 files per year and 200,000 student records being processed automatically.

ECPI Streamlines and Modernizes Financial Aid Processes

The ECPI team discusses how Financial Aid Automation has benefited their workload efficiency and reconciling process.

ECPI University Receives 2019 Excellence Award for Vision & Innovation

In recognition of ECPI University’s successful transformation of financial aid processes in support of its mission to serve a wide diversity of students, Campus Management awarded the university with 2019 Excellence Award in Vision & Innovation.

About ECPI University

ECPI University was founded in Norfolk, Virginia in 1966. Initially formed as an institution offering accelerated education in computer science and programming, ECPI University later expanded its offerings to include Electronics Engineering Technology, Health Sciences, Nursing, and Culinary Arts. ECPI University’s students take two courses per session through its year-round curriculum with a 30-month Bachelor's Degree and 15-month Associate's Degree.

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