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Automating Higher Education Processes with Workflows

Chatham University wins Campus Management’s 2017 Excellence Award in Operational Efficiency for improving business processes that positively impact faculty, staff and students.

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Improving Academic Scheduling and Enrollment Management

Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pa., had a goal to improve academic scheduling efficiency, reduce data entry errors in enrollment management, and eliminate manual processes.

Classes were being assigned to rooms that were too small, with last minute changes to class schedules very difficult to manage and creating a lot of confusion for faculty, student, and administrators.

What’s more, administrators would record student calls from the night before in spreadsheets so counselors could back log them into contact manager, creating a manually intensive communication process.

Utilizing the Workflow Component in CampusNexus Student

Finding inspiration at the CampusInsight Annual Users Conference, the institution sought to utilize the workflow component in CampusNexus Student to achieve new efficiencies. As a result, Chatham University created and implemented three new workflows in CampusNexus.

  • Classroom-Size Workflow

    A classroom-size workflow now helps in the course scheduling process by reducing errors and ensuring that faculty and students are assigned an appropriately sized classroom for their courses.

  • Enrollment Management Wizard Workflow

    With an enrollment management wizard workflow, mismatched and inaccurate data entry errors have been eliminated by nearly 100 percent.

  • Late Payment Fee Workflow

    In the first six months, data cleanup tickets went from 109 records to zero new requests. By implementing a late payment fee workflow, the university has cut out two days’ worth of manual processing per month in its Student Accounts office, for an annual time savings of 192 hours per year, and a cost savings of over $13,000 per year.

Communicating Effectively with Students

With CampusNexus, Chatham University now sets a property with campaign targets to pending in student workers’ workspaces, so they can make notes about the phone call. If the counselor needs to reach out to the caller the worker can write a note to the counselor saying the caller has a question.

It's been a really great product for us. It has all the features we need. It really does everything it says it's supposed to do.

Jenna Godfrey,
Manager of Administrative Systems,
Chatham University

Chatham University Transforms Operational Efficiency

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn more about the worfklows that Chatham University created in CampusNexus to improve enrollment management.

Chatham University Receives 2017 Excellence Award in Operational Efficiency

For improving business processes that positively impact faculty, staff, and students, Campus Management congratulates Chatham University on winning the 2017 Excellence Award in Operational Efficiency.

About Chatham University

Founded in 1869, Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a fully co-educational institution with an enrollment of over 2,200 students and more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs.

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