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University Empowers Students and Enrollment Counselors with CRM to Drive Admissions Success

4-Year Private
Mobile, Alabama
Radius by Campus Management

Improving Student Engagement as Institution Began to Grow

As enrollment surged at University of Mobile, following up with prospective student and applicants and building relationships with them through manual, paper-intensive processes became more difficult for enrollment counselors. The goal was to automate and improve outbound communications.

Evaluating Higher Ed CRM Solutions to Drive Student Engagement

Drive Student Engagement

After researching CRM platforms, University of Mobile chose Radius by Campus Management because of its user-friendly interface, ease of access, and the ability to transform from paper-based to digital admissions processes and student engagement.

  • Moved from a paper office to a digital office
  • Empowered staff to make decisions
  • Able to access to documents on the road

Empowering Staff and Gaining Visibility into Student Needs

Empowering Staff

By moving from paper to digital, instead of spending a day importing and processing applications, staff members can now develop skills in other areas. Moving to a new solution created transparency for management and within the application process. Before using Radius by Campus Management, the Assistant Director or Director had to physically review and make decisions on all the files.

The application committee uses the decision module to create unique views on their dashboards within the system and to sign off on a decision. Enrollment counselors can access documents at any time, providing the mobility they need. An admissions decision can now be made on the road. Other departments also see the changes in efficiency, resulting in increased campus-wide buy-in.

“We ran like a steam engine before, but it was constantly uphill and we were hoping for the right direction. This is like a major locomotive on a fast train with accurate GPS.”

Marie Batson,
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services,
University of Mobile
University of Mobile

About University of Mobile

The University of Mobile in Alabama is a private Christian institution serving 1,600 students and offering more than 40 areas of study, with 89 percent of the undergraduate cohort enrolled full time. The institution provides liberal arts and professional programs to renew minds through intellectual and spiritual development for the fulfilling of one’s professional calling.

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