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University Improves Student Recruitment and Retention with New Student Information System

Winner of the 2017 Campus Management Excellence Award for Student Success.

Chiropractic and Health Sciences
Overland Park, Kansas
CampusNexus Student

Improving Student Engagement and Services

Cleveland University-Kansas City offers a wider range of health care degrees, and is one of the oldest and most respected nonprofit chiropractic colleges in the nation.

In an increasingly competitive higher educational landscape, the institution’s goal was to speed and enhance engagement with prospects and students, without having to add more staff. This would require a new student information system that could scale and automate processes, as well as empower students through more self-service functionality.

Automating Financial Aid Packaging and Admissions Campaigns

To meet this goal, the institution implemented CampusNexus Student, a modern student information system that includes financial aid automation, student self-service, and workflow and forms builder. Since that time, Cleveland University has raised the bar on student services, resulting in positive and measurable benefits.

  • Created highly targeted admissions campaigns, improving their email campaign response rate by 1,000 percent

  • Improved financial aid processing accuracy by 35 percent and automated more than 25 percent of student accounts processing

  • Provides 75 percent more student self-service options for fulfillment of student requirements, which empowers students to complete tasks at their convenience

  • Improved financial aid processing accuracy by 35 percent and automated more than 25 percent of student accounts processing

Empowering Students Through Self-Service Capabilities

Students are able to complete their orientations, registrations, and matriculation agreements online, reducing the time delays associated with paper processes. Notifications for students to complete forms and other processes are now automatically triggered based on missing information, making it easier for students to stay on track.

Improving Student Retention Through the Use of Workflows

Cleveland University has improved student retention through the use of workflows that notify students of absence levels throughout the term, reducing the number of automatic failures based on attendance.

University receives 2017 Excellence Award for Student Success

Based on its innovative use of technology and the results achieved, Cleveland University-Kansas City was awarded Campus Management’s 2017 Excellence Award for Student Success.

About Cleveland University-Kansas City

Cleveland University-Kansas City began as a chiropractic college in 1922, its roots planted by pioneers in the profession. The institution is proud to be recognized as one of the oldest nonprofit chiropractic colleges in the nation.

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