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High-Touch, Interactive Experience Sets Institution Apart for Student Engagement

Kansas State University - Winner of the 2017 Campus Management Excellence Award for Innovation.

Public Research University
Manhattan, Kansas
20,000+ Students
CampusNexus CRM

University Enhances Campus Visits with Interactive Wall Powered by CampusNexus CRM

For Kansas State University, developing a one-of-a-kind family welcome center, complete with interactive technology platform, would surprise and delight visitors while remaining authentic to the university’s story.

After renovating an historic building and implementing CampusNexus, K-State was able to create an interactive technology platform in the newly dedicated Berney Family Welcome Center.

CRM Enhances and Personalizes Campus Visits for Student and Parents

The result was this bright new space, with its massive, intelligent wall that integrates campus visit details (maintained in CampusNexus CRM) and presents this information back to students. Students interacting with the wall’s touchscreen can forge a digital path that reflects their unique interests and questions.

The video wall engagement is then extended to their mobile devices, which they can refer to for a schedule, map, or details about academic interests.

Kansas State University Receives 2017 Excellence Award for Innovation

For transforming the visitor experience through its creative use of technology, K-State won Campus Management’s 2017 Excellence Award for Innovation.

About Kansas State University

Established in 1863, Kansas State University is a public research university located in Manhattan, Kansas that has evolved into a modern institution committed to quality programs, and responsive to a rapidly changing world and the aspirations of an increasingly diverse society.

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