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Faith-Based Institution Maximizes Enrollment and Student Services

Explore how this faith-based institution in Lancaster, Pennsylvania managed 100 percent growth in a three-year timeframe and leverages workforce analytics to drive career success for students.

Lancaster, Pa.
Memphis, Tenn.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Washington, DC
CampusNexus Student
CampusNexus CRM
CampusNexus Occupation Insight

From Growing Pains to Maximizing Enrollment and Student Services

How does a small, faith-based institution in Lancaster, Pennsylvania manage 100 percent growth in a three-year timeframe? Leading up to this accelerated growth phase, Lancaster Bible College (LBC) hit its capacity for how many students it could engage effectively using its existing infrastructure, processes, and staffing levels.

As LBC looked to expand to additional locations including Memphis, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., as well as rapidly grow its online programs, it became clear that it would need a new technology foundation. With a scalable, next-generation student information system and CRM solution, LBC would be able to continue deploying its platform as new locations and students were added and increase engagement capacity and effectiveness at the same time, all without having to increase staff.

“With the increased demand and labor intensity, we were potentially missing important opportunities to be the relational hero to our prospects and students.”

Joshua Beers,
Senior Vice President for Student Experience,
Lancaster Bible College

LBC Transforms with a Cloud-Based Student Information System and CRM

The two key criteria that drove LBC’s selection process were scalability and sustainability. After a review of competing vendor solutions, LBC selected CampusNexus® Student and CampusNexus CRM for its new platform.

After implementing CampusNexus Student and CRM, LBC was able to achieve its vertical integration goal in six months, launch a universal common application for perspective students, implement a paperless application, and use CRM for email admissions. Those processes have resulted in increased consistency, as well as reduced workload, and have enabled staff to become more focused on successful relationship-building.

Results Measured by Growth and Student Success

  • Improved student engagement and operational efficiency by integrating processes across departments and programs
  • Doubled enrollment over five years from 1,000 to 2,000
  • Expanded classrooms and online programs to four states
  • Named #3 school in the nation for career preparation by Wall Street Journal
  • #2 in the nation for students recognizing their alma mater as the right choice

Aligning Academic Programs and Student Skills with Workforce Needs

As an innovative institution, LBC was also among the early adopters of CampusNexus Occupation Insight, a tool that integrates current local and national labor force data and workforce analytics into an institution’s platform to align academic programs and student skills with the needs of the workforce.

I’ve never seen anything as powerful as the potential for Occupation Insight a few clicks in.

Vincent Johnson,
Vice President of Information Systems,
Lancaster Bible College

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Making a Difference in the Life of Every Student

This tool, Occupation Insight, will definitely increase graduation rates.

Dr. Peter Teague EdD,
Lancaster Bible College

"The results mean we’re fulfilling our mission in preparing faith-based students for the future, and by extension, also making the right decisions from an IT perspective to meet their needs.”

Joshua Beers,
Senior Vice President for Student Experience,
Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College Key Challenges

With our rapid growth there are two key challenges that drove our strategic selection process. Number one scalability and number two sustainability.

Vince Johnson,
Vice President of Information Systems,
Lancaster Bible College

About Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College is a private, coeducational Bible college and seminary and graduate school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that “exists to educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving him in the Church and society.” In addition to its Lancaster location, LBC has six satellite locations that offer accelerated undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs.

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