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Replacing Legacy Recruitment System to Increase Admissions Success

CampusNexus CRM becomes core strategic tool for World Campus and Undergraduate Admissions.

International Research University
24 campuses throughout Pa.
CampusNexus CRM

Uniting Recruitment and Admissions Across Divisions

The goals for Penn State’s Undergraduate Admissions at University Park and other Commonwealth campuses were similar, but each one had a unique way of executing to achieve that goal. Several campuses and colleges were developing their own campaigns.

As a result, the department could not definitively track how those units were collectively communicating to a prospective student throughout the admissions process. Eventually, both Undergraduate Admissions and World Campus realized they were facing similar scalability issues.

Implementing a Multi-Department CRM

Undergraduate Admissions and World Campus decided on a joint CRM implementation, in effect extending CampusNexus CRM across the university system for prospects and undergraduate applicants.

A joint CRM implementation requires constant coordination between many teams. We needed to get everyone to work together as one team, so we established an executive sponsor team with representatives from both World Campus and Undergraduate Admissions to help reinforce the vision and keep stakeholders informed of the progress of the project.

Kate Tornatore,
CRM Project Manager,
The Pennsylvania State University

Increasing Collaboration and Productivity

Collaboration across the system has improved dramatically. Each campus now has an understanding of the communications sent by the others, providing insight into how and when Penn State communicates with students, and eliminating redundant messaging. Recruiters can send highly personalized messages targeting thousands of constituents at once.

Transforming Recruitment Processes and Results

360° View of Prospect Communications

100x More One-on-One Student Interactions

1.25m More Constituents with Service

"Campus Management helped us evolve to an institution-wide system that we’re confident will continue to support our prospects, students, and growth initiatives.”

Kate Tornatore,
CRM Project Manager,
The Pennsylvania State University
Nittany lion

About The Pennsylvania State University

With 24 campuses across Pennsylvania, a World Campus for online programs, and more than 100,000 students throughout the world, Penn State is an international research university that educates and improves the well-being of people and communities through integrated programs of teaching, research, and service. As the institution’s enrollment continues to grow, leveraging flexible and scalable technology is critical to timely, personalized, and strategic communications with prospects and students.

The Pennsylvania State University Case Study


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