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Best Practices for Implementing Competency-Based Programs

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Competency-based education (CBE) provides students with more flexible and cost-effective ways to complete their degrees, gives institutions more effective ways to assess learning, and helps to address concerns from many employers about the skill levels and readiness of recent college graduates.

Original Air Date: June, 2 2016

Rasmussen College (Minn.) is an early adopter of flexible, competency-based programs, and part of a network of colleges working with regional accreditors and the U.S. Department of Education to address shared challenges to designing, developing and scaling competency-based programs.

Rasmussen’s program allows students to opt into competency-based learning assessments supported by interactive content and credentialed faculty coaches. Students have flexible time to finish these assessments and are able to show what they know as soon as they know it.

Watch this web seminar to learn from two leaders at Rasmussen about the college’s CBE journey, and some best practices for implementing a CBE program at any institution, including the areas of course design, assessment, faculty and operations.

Topics include:

  • Why CBE is a disruptive innovation in higher education
  • The key considerations for creating a CBE program
  • The financial aid issues and standards being set at the national level
  • How to determine if CBE is right for your institution


  • Tawnie Cortez, Senior Vice President, Rasmussen College
  • Brooks Doherty, Department Dean, Rasmussen College

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