Creating an Awesome Student Experience with CampusNexus Q&A

Q&A with Stephanie Crowley

CampusNexus Adoption Manager, Campus Management

During this recent Campus Management webinar, attendees saw how CampusNexus provides a more dynamic user experience along with new capabilities to assist students with their enrollment and registration processes, including self-service forms and e-signature capabilities. After the presentation, there was a Q&A session between Campus Management product experts and attendees.

What’s the timeline for the portal to be completed?

We are actually working on it now and delivery is scheduled for CampusInsight 2017, which takes place at the end of April.

Will we be able to see more of the portal rollout at CampusInsight 2017?

Yes, I’m sure we’ll have several presentations. We’ll have some free conference sessions to show the functionality.

If we licensed Forms Builder while on CampusVue and we haven’t licensed CampusNexus yet, do we get the upgraded features?

No. What you saw uses the CampusNexus architecture, so you have to have a CampusNexus license to be able to get what was shown during today’s presentation.

Does the overhauled student portal require the deployment of the SharePoint version of the portal?

It does not require SharePoint.

Do you work with multiple e-signature vendors and if so, which ones?

We actually decided to go with the industry leader, which is DocuSign.

What skillsets do I need to have on my IT team to use the Forms Builder and/or workflow?

We suggest a technical business analyst or a junior level developer attend our workshops or sessions. The changes we made that you saw during the presentation offer more flexibility, so the good news is that we can more freely share the workflows and forms.

Does CampusNexus require us to purchase a third-party document management system for the document upload functionality you showed?

No, it works with the CampusNexus Student document center, but if you already have one, we are currently working with ImageNow to ensure that works as well.

Will I use the program version list in CampusNexus?

When you’re creating your request for information, you can actually pull your programs and filter by campus. You can set up rules, so it’s very flexible in terms of how you want to present it and how much you want to make available to the student.

Lancaster Bible College

We are confident that CampusNexus will enable Lancaster Bible College to continue to grow and serve our students in a sustainable model.

Vince Johnson
VP of Technology
Lancaster Bible College
Mercy College

CampusNexus CRM allows us to capitalize on our own internal data to better understand constituent needs and build programs that help students achieve their educational and post-graduation goals.

Todd Pratella
Director of IT
Mercy College
Bridgepoint Education

I'm also excited about CampusNexus and what it brings in terms of a next generation technology solution.

Tom Ashbrook
Executive VP and CIO
Bridgepoint Education