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Faith-Based Institution Undergoes Tremendous Growth with Advanced Technology

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Original Air Date: October 28, 2014

As with all higher education, faith-based institutions are facing a myriad of challenges, driving them to transform and go beyond the status quo. Delivery models are being disrupted as institutions must offer greater flexibility in their academic programs to meet the expectations of today's students.

There is more competition for fewer students, as a smaller pool of traditional inbound prospective students and more choices have required institutions to reach out to new segments and demographics.

Advanced technology can provide a competitive edge, yet funding is stagnant and new investments require demonstrable outcomes.

Lancaster Bible College faced these challenges head-on and underwent strategic growth at a time when most institutions struggled to maintain their enrollments. What was once a single-campus college of under 800 students is now a thriving 7-location institution and seminary with nearly 2,000 students.

During the Webcast Lancaster Bible College will reveal how the institution:

  • Achieved significant enrollment growth in under 7 years
  • Managed expansion to include locations in 6 states
  • Enabled advanced technology across the college
  • Laid the foundation for exponential growth in the next 5 years


  • Vince Johnson, Vice President, Information Systems
  • Micah Story, Sr. Systems Analyst, Lancaster Bible College
  • Jeff Hoover, Associate VP and Registrar, Lancaster Bible College
  • Karli Grant, Manager, Product Marketing
Lancaster Bible College

We are confident that CampusNexus will enable Lancaster Bible College to continue to grow and serve our students in a sustainable model.

Vince Johnson
VP of Technology
Lancaster Bible College
Mercy College

CampusNexus CRM allows us to capitalize on our own internal data to better understand constituent needs and build programs that help students achieve their educational and post-graduation goals.

Todd Pratella
Director of IT
Mercy College
Bridgepoint Education

I'm also excited about CampusNexus and what it brings in terms of a next generation technology solution.

Tom Ashbrook
Executive VP and CIO
Bridgepoint Education

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