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Higher Education Systems in the Cloud — The New Frontier or Already Here?

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During this recent webinar, Campus Management's Chief Strategy Officer Mark Armstrong, and Vice President of Cloud Operations and Services, Emiliano Diez, provided a timely look at the state of cloud adoption in higher education and took questions from institutions throughout the country.

Original Air Date: May 31, 2017

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What Industry Standards and Best Practices Should I Look for in a Cloud Vendor?

What are Institutions Gaining and Giving Up by Moving SIS, CRM and ERP Systems to the Cloud?

Do I Have Full and Easy Access to Our Secure Data?

How Should Your Institution Prepare for Moving Systems to the Cloud?

How Does the Cloud Model Compare to the Traditional On-premises Model, in Terms of Cost?

Will Moving to the Cloud Add Time to My ERP Migration Plan?

What if We Buy Cloud Services From Azure and Deploy the Application There?

Would We Expect to See a Cost Increase for Massive Data Transfers with the Cloud Model?

Is There a Strategy Behind Where Storage Centers are Located?

How Would You Predict Cloud Service Level Agreements Might Change in the Next Five Years?

What Do You Recommend as the Strategic Path for Institutions to Take in General Terms?

Any Final Advice or Thoughts for Institutions Considering a Move to the Cloud?

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