Transforming Education Programs for On-Demand Learners

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Higher education institutions across North America are keenly aware of today's challenges in funding, student engagement and outcomes, and the need to operate with efficiency. The issues are known, but how can institutions transcend them to achieve record enrollment and retention rates, and increase financial stability, while maintaining academic integrity? The answer lies in transforming your traditional educational programs to meet the needs of today's growing population of on-demand, non-traditional learners.


Original Air Date: March 27, 2014

Connor Gray and Raymond Todd Blackwood share how colleges and universities can use advanced technology to:

  • Market their institutions to attract, engage, and educate on-demand students
  • Reduce the administrative burden of managing traditional and non-traditional programs through automation
  • Enable growth while protecting the financial security and unique identities of their institutions


  • Connor Gray, Chief Strategy Officer, Campus Management Corp.
  • Raymond Todd Blackwood, Director of Product Management, Campus Management Corp.

Products and Solutions

Campus Management’s software and services are in step with higher education’s demands for better service and accountability.