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Campus Management in the News

Campus Management in the News

Video: 6 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Jim Milton, CEO on Cheddar TV

Campus Management CEO Jim Milton discusses how institutions are using technology to be more efficient and improve student outcomes, even in a climate of reduced federal and state budgets. Gain insight into the future of higher education and how to use mobile devices, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud technology to fuel student success.

Video: 7 Minutes, 8 Seconds

Rob Sparks, CMO on Cheddar TV

In this interview with Cheddar TV (, Campus Management Chief Marketing Officer Rob Sparks discusses the report, Good Jobs that Pay without a BA from Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Sparks shares insight into challenges facing today’s high school graduates and adult learners as they prepare to enter and re-enter the workforce. He covers topics like reskilling the current workforce, the location of learning and the role higher education plays in today’s and tomorrow’s market.

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