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Campus Management is now Anthology. We’ve joined forces with Campus Labs and iModules to revolutionize higher education.

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Visit our Virtual Booth #11 at the CECU Virtual Convention June 17-18, 2020

Learn How Your Career College Can Stay Responsive in this Evolving Economy

How can consumer-oriented technology help you improve student outcomes – now and in the future? Join us to explore CampusNexus® Occupation Insight and meet RENEE, higher education’s digital assistant during our Virtual Presentation at the convention.

Learn How Your Career College Can Stay Responsive in this Evolving Economy

Presented by Raymond Blackwood, Vice President, Product Management, Campus Management

“In addition to using Occupation Insight to align programs with job market, I see it as a valuable tool to assist with student retention. Students gain a clear understanding of their career path.”

Dr. Sadie Gregory,
Dean of the College of Business,
Coppin State University

Align Academic Programs and Career Skills with Workforce Needs

Learn how we are integrating the latest national and regional labor statistics with a solution that provides academic program managers, advisors and students valuable insight into how programs, courses and skills align with the needs of the market.

Imagine Helping Your Students to Look Beyond Graduation

CampusNexus Occupation Insight Delivers that Today.

Learn how CampusNexus Occupation Insight leverages machine learning to predict needs, prescribe actions and influence outcomes, while assisting your students to plan their futures beyond the classroom.

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