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Campus Management Introduces Occupation Insight to Help Students Align Skills with Workforce Demand

Matching Coursework with Labor Needs Will Help Students Plan their Academic Path

Orlando, Fla. – April 18, 2018Campus Management Corp. announced today the release of CampusNexus Occupation Insight™, a cloud-based workforce analytics tool that will provide higher education the insight it needs to align academic programs and skills development with a rapidly evolving job marketplace.

Occupation Insight captures national and regional workforce data in the CampusNexus® Cloud and seamlessly integrates the real-time data with an institution’s programs, courses and student services.

“Today, institutions of every size and mission face increased accountability for student outcomes with public funding often tied to career placement results,” said Robert Sparks, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Campus Management. “With Occupation Insight, institutions and students can leverage up-to-date workforce data earlier in the student lifecycle and drill down on that data to shape academic programs and course selections as industry needs evolve.”

Paired with an institution’s student information system, Occupation Insight gives students the information they need, in a digestible dashboard, to make course and career decisions.

“Direct knowledge of current career opportunities and the necessary associated skills, provides students a new perspective on how to configure and manage their academic journey,” noted Sparks. “As more students demand immediate earning potential from their degrees, Occupation Insight is an essential tool for aligning necessary skills to career outcomes.”

As a Microsoft partner, Campus Management’s Occupation Insight solution leverages the Microsoft technology stack and its applications, tools, and services, including CampusNexus Cloud (built on Microsoft Azure) and Power BI.

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