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Campus Management Bets Big on Digitization Push

Prune, India - July 2, 2015 - Campus Management (Formerly Talisma Software) is gearing up to address the opportunity that has come from the digitalization process in institutions of professional and higher educations in India.

The company is keen on filling the gap that exists in the digitization of education campuses in the country by offering its Student Informatio System (SIS), Jim Milton, chief executive officer, Campus Management, told TOI.

Campus Management is a solutions provider to more than 1,300 major educational institutions in 35 countries and 95 per cent of its business comes from these institutions. The company is looking at opportunities to offer Indian institutions solutions to manage their most mission-critical transactions, dynamic relationships, and the complexities of learning, finance, research and regulation.

Milton said SIS is a solution based on customer relations management principles as they apply to educational campuses.

“The solution has modules which include admission process management, attendance management, resource engagement and academic engagement. It will help institutions in monitoring the progress of students on real time basis and implement corrective action where necessary,” he said.

Milton said the company has a software development centre in India and is currently working with around 40 colleges and universities in India, including Manipal University, SRM University and IIM Udaipur.

Campus Management has provided the technology platform for National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and few other government projects for skill development, he added.

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