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Campus Management International Signs Future Communications Company as Strategic Partner to Enable the Growing Middle East Higher Education Market

Future Communications Company will offer Campus Management’s products and services to higher education institutions in the Middle East

Bangalore, India – 10 December 2015 — Campus Management International, a leading provider of enterprise software products and services for higher education has announced a strategic partnership with Future Communications Company Global, an active Microsoft partner and leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) player in the Middle East region. Through this partnership, Future Communications Company will offer Campus Management’s products and services to higher education institutions in the Middle East.

Campus Management’s solutions help institutions worldwide to navigate the “superstorm” of forces impacting the higher education environment, including serving the diverse needs of today’s learners, providing agility to adjust to changing market requirements, and delivering the requirements to assure a sound financial foundation. The CampusNexus® suite is a purpose-built solution set for the higher education market which allows institutions to harness the power of technology and expertise to meet today’s challenges, while taking advantage of new advances in the future.

“Future Communications Company is actively working toward enabling campuses in the Middle East to align themselves with global standards of Higher Education through innovative use of technology and services,” said Raj Mruthyunjayappa, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Campus Management International. “Campus Management International and Future Communications Company will work together to achieve that goal. A key area of synergy will be addressing the existing and emerging needs of campuses in the region through the combined strengths of both organisations, including expertise in Microsoft technology, higher education industry proficiency, and implementation know-how.”

“Future Communications Company Global has been implementing Microsoft AX based solutions in a number of prestigious installations in the Middle East,” said Mr. Mohammed Qiyamuddin, Operations Manager – Enterprise Business Solutions, Future Communications Company. “Our strong presence and implementation skills will add reach and depth to Campus Management International’s desire to expand its presence and fully serve institutions in the region.”

About Campus Management Corp.

Campus Management is a leading provider of software, strategies and services which enable institutions of higher education to offer dynamic models of engagement and delivery. Over the past 27 years, Campus Management has supported higher education, both proprietary and traditional institutions, as well as foundations and other organizations through its cutting-edge student information system; constituent relationship management (CRM) software; and finance, human resources and payroll solutions.

Campus Management’s CampusNexus suite is specifically designed to provide institutions the flexibility they need to compete in the ever-changing higher education landscape. CampusNexus supports changes in education delivery, recruitment, financial aid, student accounts, finance, human resources, payroll, inventory management, procurement handling and compliance management. Today, more than 2,000 campuses in 18 countries utilize Campus Management to unite campuses and workflows, improve student outcomes and achieve goals.

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About Future Communications Company

Future Communications Company is a leading technology company that provides cutting edge services ranging from retail, distribution and maintenance of mobile devices, ICT products and services, enterprise mobility solutions, project management services and telecom engineering services. With its headquarters in Kuwait, the company also has a presence in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE. Through its strategic partnerships with some of the biggest brand names in the world, the company is able to provide a broad spectrum of technology solutions to various industries in both, the private and government sectors across the region.

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