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Future-Proofing Our Universities

Technology is the most prevalent topic relating to learning and education today.

Bangalore, India — April 5, 2015 (as seen in The Financial Express) — Earlier technology in education was a debatable subject; with a large mix of opinions, everyone had personal views on reforming education using technology. The fact is that technology and education are a great amalgamation, if used together rightly.

Investing in technology is crucial for universities. With increasing regulatory pressures, institutions must comply with evolving requirements and demonstrate the achievements of their students. The Indian education sector has been recognised as a ‘sunrise sector’ for investment. The sector offers a huge untapped market in both regulated and non-regulated segments due to low literacy rate, high concentration in urban areas and growing per capita income. The government has been playing the role of a facilitator in this sector. According to a 2014 report, the gross enrolment ratio (GER) in higher education in India, calculated for age group 18-23, is 21.1. GER for male population is 22.3 and for females it is 19.8. Total enrolment in higher education is estimated to be 29.6 million, with 16.3 million boys and 13.3 million girls.

Technological innovation can change the way universities want to teach and students want to learn. The potential is great for institutions preparing graduates to compete in today’s knowledge economy. Distance education, sophisticated learning-management systems and the opportunity to collaborate with research partners from around the world are some of the transformational benefits that universities are embracing. Having said that, significant challenges are also emerging. Technology remains a disruptive innovation, and an expensive one.

Faculty members used to teaching in one way may be opposed to invest the time to learn new methods, and may lack the budget for the support needed. However, the good news is one can transform these challenges into a competitive advantage by offering greater flexibility and more personalised services across the student lifecycle.

Today’s students seek education delivery models that far more flexible and accessible than they have even been. If universities are to effectively educate this generation, they must be willing to invest in learning environments. Integration of technology with learning as a tool provides you with the scope to explore what you can do with knowledge, what you can make of it, and what you will allow your students to make of it.

Remember that technology also allows the possibility of everyone learning at their own pace. The question today is no longer if technology enhances learning, but how do we improve the usage of technology to enhance learning?

The author is managing director, APAC and EMEA, Talisma

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