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New software tools put college processes on fast-track

Automation of the admissions process can bring a windfall of benefits for higher education institutions.

March, 30 2016 — Campus Management International Pvt. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Campus Management Corp, a leading provider of higher education technology solutions, has announced the availability of its online Admissions Automation tool. This tool can be used on a service basis by universities to comply with the recent University Grants Commission (UGC) drive to get campuses to automate their admissions management process.

Automation of the admissions process can bring a windfall of benefits for higher education institutions. It helps campuses improve efficiency, information storage and speed of admissions, while also improving transparency and the student experience. With such streamlined automation, campuses have options to redeploy staff from the admission management team to other teams that may require more headcount.

With UGC strongly advising universities to implement automated admissions, institutions are recognizing they can no longer afford to have time-consuming manual processes. With this online service from Campus Management, campuses can automate their admission processes prior to the next admission cycle by leveraging cloud technology, without the expense, delay or uncertainty of having to deploy an on-premises solution.

“With our solution, campuses needn’t have to buy anything up-front. Instead, it is a service we are offering through which we automate the whole admission process in just three easy steps. Campuses can be up and running quickly with their online admissions as Campus Management International will host the software and manage it for them,” said Raj Mruthyunjayappa, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & EMEA, Campus Management International Pvt. Ltd. “We have simplified the processes to such an extent that admission officers or teams can focus on the critical post-admission on-boarding process and other areas requiring their attention.”

This service will be made available to Indian campuses on April 1, 2016.

About Campus Management Corp.

Campus Management is a leading provider of software, strategies and services which enable institutions of higher education to offer dynamic models of engagement and delivery. Over the past 27 years, Campus Management has supported higher education, both proprietary and traditional institutions, as well as foundations and other organizations through its cutting-edge student information system; constituent relationship management (CRM) software; and finance, human resources and payroll solutions.

Campus Management’s CampusNexus suite is specifically designed to provide institutions the flexibility they need to compete in the ever-changing higher education landscape. CampusNexus supports changes in education delivery, recruitment, financial aid, student accounts, finance, human resources, payroll, inventory management, procurement handling and compliance management. Today, more than 2,000 campuses in 18 countries utilize Campus Management to unite campuses and workflows, improve student outcomes and achieve goals.

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