CampusNexus CRM Features

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  • Maximize staff efficiency, productivity, and quality with mobile technology
  • Extend across all devices through a thin-client that adapts devices and usage patterns
  • Design specific screen layouts for teams based on their roles, responsibilities, and privileges
  • Enable teams to focus on the right processes and the right data

Campaign Workflow Engine

  • Create and deliver meaningful, personalized, and relevant communications to specific targeted segments of your population across multiple channels
  • Leverage the campaign engine’s visual workflow designer, which supports complex filtering, conditional logic, and rich personalization
  • Initiate campaigns from within CampusNexus CRM or triggered by activities in other systems

Rules Engine

  • Leverage an expansive framework for defining sets of actions and activities that are carried out when one or more sets of criteria are met
  • Assign criteria and action to virtually any data object within CampusNexus CRM in order to support your operational and business needs

Eventing, Workflows, APIs

  • Remain agile in response to the changes within higher education
  • Extend business processes
  • Extend workflows, reporting, and analytics through a vast array of APIs
  • Interact with constituents across critical systems
  • Centralize all communications records in a single location


  • Expand the power of CampusNexus CRM with a knowledgebase of information
  • Provide a valuable self-help resource to constituents


  • Extends the self-service capabilities of CampusNexus CRM to applicants, students, and alumni
  • Use the portal for communications, event registration, and student support services
  • Collect and update constituent information

Application Management

  • Streamline the application process
  • Allow prospective students to submit applications, associated documents, and other materials online

Event Management

  • Manage and configure events such as recruiting fairs, campus visits, and career placement workshops
  • Promote events leveraging the powerful campaign engine
  • Utilize an intuitive online event calendar
  • Support participant and guest registration for free and paid events
  • Create custom event registration pages using CampusNexus Forms Builder


  • Integrate with your in-house phone system
  • Support call-center operations
  • Provide dynamic call scripting
  • Update constituent data with notes and results of call activities
  • Manage constituent communications history

Payment Gateway

  • Integrate with payment providers
  • Support financial transactions for applications, event management, and other functions
Drive Student Retention and Success

There is more competition for fewer applicants, which impacts both enrollment and retention rates. A comprehensive view of each student’s experience and performance is critical to your retention strategy.

Extend CRM Across the Enterprise

To achieve goals, you need a CRM for higher education solution that can help drive recruitment processes and also extend beyond admissions to engage constituents across departments and systems and at every touchpoint in the student lifecycle.

A CRM Solution Designed for Higher Education

With a history of success at today’s institutions, this proven solution provides greater visibility into your students’ experiences and needs, enables highly personalized communications and services, and drives success across the student lifecycle.

CampusNexus Cloud

A secure, world-class enterprise data center as your platform.

Now you can access the entire CampusNexus® portfolio of on-demand technology – in the cloud. With CampusNexus Cloud, Campus Management hosts and manages your solutions from a world-class, enterprise data center, ensuring maximum availability, security, and scalability.


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