CampusNexus CRM

CampusNexus CRM

CampusNexus® CRM is a powerful solution to help your institution transform in this new world, one that provides a comprehensive view of each constituent, and helps you achieve goals for recruitment, retention, student outcomes, and alumni relations.

Drive Success Across the Student Lifecycle

Drive Success Student Lifecycle

Where most CRM brands come to higher education from other industries, CampusNexus CRM is built specifically for higher education. Your mission is our only focus. With a history of success across a wide range of institutions and missions, this proven solution provides greater visibility into your constituents’ experiences and needs, enables highly personalized communications and services, and drives success across the student lifecycle.

Improve Admissions Processes

CampusNexus CRM includes an admissions process based on higher education best practices. This allows you to identify the best prospects and create personalized, and targeted messages to boost the reach and impact of your admissions strategy.

Increase Student Success

CampusNexus CRM aggregates data from multiple systems and departments, providing a powerful retention tool and early-warning system for identifying and assisting at-risk students.

Keep Alumni Engaged

Whether your alumni are donating to your institution, providing a career path for recent graduates, supporting recruitment efforts, or returning to school for additional training, CampusNexus CRM helps you keep them connected to your institution.

Gain Insight Through Data-Driven Analytics

CampusNexus CRM includes a data warehouse with analytic views across a range of student metrics and KPIs. Combined with powerful interactive data visualization tools from Microsoft Power BI, Campus Management provides the most cost-effective reporting solution

Go Mobile in the Office or On the Go

Today’s workers are increasingly mobile and use multiple devices in their daily lives. CampusNexus CRM enables workers to deliver superior service from multiple devices. Moreover, you can design specific screen layouts for your teams based on their roles, responsibilities, and privileges.

Manage Campaign and Communications

CampusNexus CRM provides a 360 degree view of constituents from multiple systems and departments. Now you can maximize your reach and effectiveness by engaging with constituents through their preferred communications channels.

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CampusNexus CRM in Action

  1. 1. Send highly personalized messages to students’ preferred communication channels.
  2. 2. Keep students progressing in the enrollment process through proactive communications.
  3. 3. Foster collaboration and socialization among students.
  4. 4. Recognize issues and intervene early to keep students progressing toward their goals.
Send Personalized Messages
Proactive Communications
Foster Collaboration
Recognize Issues

Drive Student Retention and Success


Extend CRM Across the Enterprise


CampusNexus CRM Features


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