You’re Eligible for Title III Funding — Now What?

Turn to Retention360, Powered by CampusNexus® CRM

Engage Students Proactively through the Right Channel

Receive Expert Guidance and Support for Your Title V Proposals

Securing Title V Grants and achieving your stated goals for student success require a clear vision, methodology, and technology platform.

Title V Proposal Support

This is where Campus Management can help. With a long history of serving a rich diversity of institutions, we can assist you in your efforts to improve student retention and outcomes and provide expert product support for upcoming Title V grant proposals.

When applying for Title V funding, Campus Management can help you develop your proposal responses to some of the most common questions relating to:

  • Implementation strategies
  • Key objectives for student retention and outcomes
  • Timelines and budgets for proposed technology
  • How this technology can help support student services and advising

Learn how Campus Management and Retention360 can help optimize your Title V student success initiatives.

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Utilize Title V Funds to Drive Student Success

Title V funding has enabled HSI-designated institutions to improve their academic facilities, platform technology, and student retention, graduation, and placement rates.

Drive Student Success

The program provides funds to help institutions expand their capacity to serve low-income students and to help drive persistence and completion of academic programs.

How Can You Use Title V Funds to Improve Student Retention?

  • Academic tutoring or counseling programs
  • Innovative instruction courses designed to retain students
  • Student support programs designed to facilitate the transfer of students
  • Services designed to improve the financial and economic literacy of students and their families

Learn how Campus Management and Retention360 can help optimize your Title V student success initiatives.

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Drive Results with Retention360

Many institutions recognize the value of CRM solutions for high-touch, high-tech, student centered engagement, yet these systems can be costly to deploy and maintain.

Retention Manager

With Retention360™, Powered by CampusNexus® CRM, you gain instant access to cloud-based retention tools and ongoing expertise for your outreach campaigns, without having to deploy anything on premises. This allows you to allocate more of your resources, including Title V funds, across other initiatives and programs for student and institutional success.

At its core, this service includes:

  • Retention Manager – A Campus Management subject-matter expert on retention strategies, communications, and student success activities who augments your student success initiatives
  • Student Success Profile – A holistic view of engagement across the student lifecycle, including academic performance, financial issues, and career readiness.
  • Automated Risk Assessment – Student ranking based on benchmarks, goals and other factors measuring the impact of your student success efforts.
  • Proactive Engagement – Intervention strategies that include calls to action supported by cross-channel messages to maximize the impact of your efforts.

Learn how Campus Management and Retention360 can help optimize your Title V student success initiatives.

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  • Receive Support for Title V Proposals

    Leverage expert guidance for your Title V proposals.

  • Utilize Title V to Drive Student Success

    Gain the funding you need to improve student retention and outcomes.

  • Drive Results with Retention360

    Depend on proven retention technology and expertise.


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