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Talisma Fundraising Demos

Talisma Fundraising Overview

See how to configure the software to your development environment, including donor activities and top-down campaign summaries.

Video: 6 Minutes, 41 Seconds

Major Gifts Demo

Identity and cultivate major gift prospects with an integrated wealth engine and templates for managing moves and steps.

Video: 8 Minutes, 32 Seconds

Honors and Memorials Demo

Acknowledge family and friends of those being honored, calculate totals received, and export information for reports.

Video: 4 Minutes, 41 Seconds

Reporting Tools Demo

Analyze your development program and projected campaigns through powerful reporting tools.

Video: 6 Minutes, 38 Seconds

Power Search Demo

Refine searches based on a wide range of giving criteria and patterns, and do searches phonetically when on the phone with supporters.

Video: 4 Minutes, 42 Seconds

Online Giving Demo

Create a portal with out-of-the-box templates, enable credit card donations online, and foster a positive giving experience.

Video: 6 Minutes, 37 Seconds

Donor Management System Demo

Tallisma Fundraising and Talisma CRM combine to provide lifetime communications for the entire student lifecycle, from recruiting to alumni relations and advancement.

Video: 1 Minutes, 38 Seconds

Donor Management Software


Moves Management


Alumni Management Software


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