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Talisma Fundraising Features

Alumni and Advancement

  • Track and cultivate relationships with alumni, parents, corporate sponsors, and donors
  • Assist in the preparation of the VSE (Voluntary Support of Education) Survey
  • Maintain a single view of all interactions with donors and prospects
  • Generate reports and analysis by class years

Events Management

  • Drive attendance and support for your events, from dinners to golf tournaments
  • Create dedicated Web pages for events and enable registration and payments online
  • Easily and efficiently track expenses and manage sponsorships and vendors

Honors and Memorials

  • Manage acknowledgements to donors and family members
  • Gain comprehensive reporting tools for newspaper listings and analysis
  • Leverage a simple gift-entry approach for multiple honors without splitting gifts


  • Store in-depth and relevant information for every membership
  • See membership histories at a glance
  • Track retention, attrition, new member sources
  • Print membership cards for easy assembly of membership packets

Moves Management

  • Prospect profiling
  • Research collecting
  • Proposal management
  • Cultivation tracking
  • Major gifts solicitation

Online Fundraising

  • Enable supporters to make donations and pledges quickly and easily
  • Expand awareness and outreach efforts worldwide
  • Dramatically reduce manual, paper-intensive processes
  • Automatically create gift batches based on information entered by donors online
  • Enable members and donors to update account and address information
  • Customize your online giving page with your brand
  • Provide returning donors access to online giving history and account information
  • Enable donors to give honor/memorial gifts or matching and recurring pledge payments

Planned Giving

  • Track intentions such as bequests, insurance policies, trusts, and annuities
  • Track solicitation efforts of donors for planned gifts separately from other solicitation efforts
  • Use a tickler system that can remind you of upcoming moves or actions to take
  • Report the value of a planned gift separately for annual and capital campaigns to adhere to industry standards such as CASE or AHP
  • Generate relevant and important reports including those with expectancies, monthly updates, giving detail, and cultivation process


  • Track past and present scholarship recipients
  • Link scholarship recipients with scholarship donors and sponsors
  • Correspond with recipients, advisors, media, and sponsors
  • Manage pledges as well as deferred and matching gifts
  • Choose from a comprehensive suite of reports

Volunteer Management

  • Track volunteer qualifications, certifications, awards, and preferences
  • Leverage powerful scheduler to meet the needs of various departments
  • Filter on the most qualified and interested volunteer resources
  • Assign volunteers tasks with point-and-click ease
  • Generate reminder and thank-you notices automatically

Credit Card Processing (EFT)

  • Provide instant approval and authorization for credit cards
  • Enable direct withdrawals from checking or saving accounts
  • Provide a simple interface to build files for credit and debit transactions at your financial institution each month

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Moves Management


Alumni Management Software


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