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Alumni Management Software

Many colleges and foundations are challenged to fill the budget gap with private donations from former students, alumni, and friends.

Build Relationships with Alumni and Donors

With Talisma® Fundraising, your institution can build strong relationships with your constituents through targeted solicitation strategies, personalized communications, and convenient online tools.

Drive Financial Support for Current and Future Students

 – Scholarships help students meet their financial obligations and achieve their education goals. With Talisma Fundraising, you can:

  • Track scholarship recipients and link them with the donors
  • Manage pledges, deferred, and matching gifts
  • Maintain a single view of all interactions with donors and benefactors
  • Analyze results by demographics and produce receipts and giving statements
  • Prepare the data for the Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey submission

Add CRM Software

Gain an enterprise-wide view of student interactions, from recruitment to alumni relations and advancement. Email. Chat. SMS Text. Web. Phone. Print. By adding CampusNexus CRM to your alumni and advancement efforts, you can attract and retain supporters through their preferred communications channel and gain a complete picture of their relationship with your foundation and institution.

From personalized recruiting campaigns to cultivating donor relationships over the long term, CampusNexus CRM enhance your ability to engage students, alumni, and benefactors, provide constituents better information and services, and pursue advanced fundraising strategies.

By integrating CampusNexus CRM with Talisma Fundraising, you can:

  • Create highly targeted campaigns and fine-tune them in real-time based on advanced analytics
  • Deliver on-demand services and communications to constituents’ preferred communications channels, including phone, email, chat, text, and web portals
  • Achieve better coordination and synergy among departments, campaigns, and solicitation efforts

Talisma Fundraising Demos

With Talisma Fundraising, you can enhance your ability to engage supporters and volunteers, execute advanced fundraising strategies, and deliver the right messages, to the right constituents, at the right time. Now learn more about this powerful platform for driving fundraising success and see the solution in action in these demos.

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