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Benefits Administration System

With CampusNexus® Finance, HR & Payroll, your institution can oversee your entire employee base, positions, and workforce alignment, process all aspects of employee compensation, and administer multiple levels of benefits based upon role, length of employment, standard packages and elective categories.

Planning and Forecasting

Successful financial management is founded on clear visibility into current and future needs, plus real-time monitoring and accountability. CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll provides:


 – set up, initiate, and view budgets; restrict, freeze, and increase/decrease budgets based on real-time needs

Position Budgeting and Control

 – project hiring needs, anticipated retirements, associated costs, and implement bulk pay-rate changes by effective date

Project Accounting

 – provide financial supervision for multi-year capital improvement projects throughout the organization

Procurement and Sourcing

 – manage the purchasing process for goods and services

Travel and Expense

 – define expense policies and automate reimbursement for approved travel

Reporting and Analytics

From departmental reports to managerial measurements, to strategic KPIs, CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll provides real-time visibility into critical data and facilitates:

• Executive, managerial, and operational dashboards

• Audit preparation and compliance reporting

• Monthly, quarterly, and year-end closings

• IPEDS outputs

• Project accounting longitudinal summaries and details

57% of Chief Business Officers state that greater transparency in campus decision-making would result in better financial decisions

Dynamic, Agile, Responsive

With CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll, you are mobile ready and can easily use the solution while on the go. Powerful workflows deliver the information you need to drive day-to-day operations, and dynamic reporting tools help you manage progress on goals and performance indicators.

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Human Capital Management


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