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CRM Built for Higher Education – CampusNexus Engage

From recruitment to career services, institutions need to respond more dynamically and collaboratively as student needs evolve. Now there is a higher education solution that goes beyond CRM to provide the insight and engagement tools your institution needs to drive success across the enterprise, at every stage of the student lifecycle – CampusNexus Engage.

Higher Education’s CRM System of Intelligence

What is a system of intelligence? It’s an enterprise-wide system that goes beyond traditional CRM to provide insight across your systems and departments for driving student and institutional success. CampusNexus® Engage combines our deep CRM solutions expertise with Microsoft’s Azure and cloud infrastructure to create a powerful business intelligence platform for prescriptive planning around institutional goals.

The solution enables you to visualize data, track trends in enrollment and retention, and evaluate return on investment of events and programs. It combines the latest innovations in the Azure platform and business analytics to improve engagement and results at every stage of the student lifecycle.

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CampusNexus Engage: Higher Education’s Intelligent CRM Platform

Discover how to deliver on your mission with CampusNexus Engage, an intelligent CRM platform built on Microsoft Azure.

Gain Insight Across the Student Lifecycle

CampusNexus Engage works alongside your existing systems to help your institution respond dynamically to each student’s unique experiences and needs. From a prospect’s first experiences and throughout the student journey, CampusNexus Engage continues to build on those interactions over time.

Achieve a Holistic View of Each Student

Break down silos across departments and systems to create a comprehensive view of each student’s experience (regardless of source system on campus or first contact event).

Enable Sophisticated Engagement

CampusNexus Engage works alongside your other systems as a single data repository for indicators and engagement workflow, enabling sophisticated and highly personalized engagement strategies.

Gain Insight and Forecast Results with Predictive Analytics

Harness the latest predictive and prescriptive analytics tools to create leading indicators and predictive workflows for every stage of the student lifecycle, from recruiting through career services.

Engage Constituents Where They Are

Communicate across multiple integrated channels (email, SMS, phone, print, portal) with timely and personalized outreach based on deep insight into each constituent’s needs.

Optimize Marketing, Travel and Events

Create and automate recruiting trips, student orientation, campus tours and more to achieve strategic goals.

Implement Across the Enterprise

Deploy once across departments and campuses with a solutions provider that owns the technology and responsibility for its successful deployment.

Simplify the Application Process with CampusNexus Apply

CampusNexus Apply empowers your institution to improve recruitment, application management, and constituent relationships throughout the enrollment lifecycle. Built on CampusNexus Engage, the solution combines a Microsoft foundation with proven tools for enrollment success.

Improve Retention and Outcomes with CampusNexus Succeed

As a powerful option with CampusNexus Engage, CampusNexus Succeed enables you to create personalized action plans for students with continuously updated data to further refine predictions, scoring, and prescriptive action with specialized functionality for student retention and outcomes.

On-Demand Webinar

Recruit to Succeed: How Intelligent Engagement Drives Student Success

Learn how to apply truly individualized, personalized communications from prospecting through the student lifecycle.

Meet RENEE, Your Digital Assistant

RENEE (Retain, Engage, Notify and Enablement Engine) is a powerful AI bot for engaging prospects, applicants, and students. Powered by machine learning and advanced analytics, RENEE is your institution’s virtual advisor that goes beyond answering questions to provide advice based on behavioral and emotional cues as well, creating, assigning and managing cases, and escalating issues to live advisors in a timely fashion.

Drive Student Retention and Success

Implement an institution-wide engagement platform for student retention and outcomes.

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Transform Recruitment and Admissions

Guide prospects and applicants on a journey tailored to their success from their first inquiry through matriculation.

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CampusNexus Engage Solution Sheet

Discover how CampusNexus Engage goes beyond CRM to provide institutions a system of intelligence for driving student success.


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