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Donor Management Software

Behind Talisma® Fundraising from Campus Management are more than two decades of service to higher education and nonprofit organizations. We combine an ingrained understanding of the landscape, best practices, and demands of your mission with software solutions that help you get the most out of every interaction with your constituents, both in-person and online.

Utilize Tools for Fund and Traditional Accounting

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP

 – Talisma Fundraising’s fund management module enhances the integration between Talisma Fundraising and Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software packages. You can easily access and cross-reference data, automate operations and administrative processes, and provide timely reports to run your organization more effectively.

Set Up Business Rules

 – The fund management module allows you to set up business rules and specific criteria for the distribution of revenue and expenses across endowments or other funds. Talisma Fundraising software will then make the appropriate journal entries in Microsoft Dynamics GP. In addition, this feature allows you to specify types of assets that should not be included for consideration in the allocation distribution.

Enable Portal Access

 – With the Fund Management module, you can assign multiple account managers to all of your funds. You can also provide these managers an internal or external facing portal for accessing reports tied to the funds they manage. These reports include the fund balance and transfer statements.


 – The Fund Management module also allows you to produce a schedule-of-change report based on data within Talisma Fundraising that is directly related to the dimension codes within Great Plains. This report includes a comprehensive collection of metrics, including income, interest, dividends, unrealized gains/losses, other income, transfers in, transfers out, expenses, and the beginning and ending balance of each fund.

What’s more, the module includes value-added tools for analytical accounting, reporting, and a Web portal for anywhere, anytime access. This module is especially valuable to organizations that must track funds into hundreds or thousands of designated funds, projects, or categories.

Now you can:

  • Dramatically shrink your chart of accounts
  • Reduce thousands of general ledger accounts to a master list of fewer than twenty
  • Leverage dimension codes for granularity beyond the main classification of GL account types

Talisma Fundraising Suite Modules

The Talisma Fundraising suite offers all the tools you need to succeed in your mission, including specialized modules for:

  • Annual giving and capital campaigns
  • Major gifts (moves management, proposal tracking, and research)
  • Events management
  • Honors and memorials
  • Online giving and events
  • Planned giving
  • Memberships
  • Fund management
  • Financials, HR, and payroll
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Scholarships
  • Alumni and advancement

Talisma Fundraising Demos

With Talisma Fundraising, you can enhance your ability to engage supporters and volunteers, execute advanced fundraising strategies, and deliver the right messages, to the right constituents, at the right time. Now learn more about this powerful platform for driving fundraising success and see the solution in action in these demos.

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Alumni Management Software


Talisma Fundraising Features


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