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Financial Aid Automation

CampusNexus® Student, Campus Management’s cloud-based student information system, enables you to execute financial aid processes automatically, process revenues faster, remain compliant, and free staff to focus on student-success initiatives.

Ensure Student and Operational Success

Today’s students seek greater flexibility in achieving their academic and career goals, which places greater demands on institutions to ensure their financial aid processing needs are met. With CampusNexus Student, you can now automate financial aid processing across a wide range of academic delivery models, from classroom to online, traditional semesters and quarters to flexible terms, and even clock-hour and competency-based programs.

Dynamic, Agile, Responsive

Automate the full range of financial aid workflows and processes to ensure timely packaging and regulatory compliance.

  • Eligibility

    Assign rules to any fund source based on over 20 Title IV configurable rule options.

  • COD Export-Import

    Automate COD exporting and importing of files for Title IV funds.

  • Scheduled Transmission and Retrieval (STAR)

    Send and receive COD files, transmit and retrieve files through EDConnect.

  • Disbursement Payment Posting

    Pay all scholarships, grants, institutional aid/state aid and COD fund sources automatically.

  • Stipend Scheduling

    Easily determine when and if a student should receive a Title IV credit balance (stipend).

  • Stipend/Refund Payment Posting

    Post student credit balances and ensure payments are recorded and released on time.

  • Exceptions Management

    Quickly assess and resolve business rule errors and monitor exceptions resolution progress.

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