Financial Aid Solutions

Campus Management offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions for automating and streamlining financial aid packaging, including student verification, enrollment processing, and auto-awarding.

Financial Aid Automation for Today’s Students

Today’s students seek greater flexibility in achieving their academic and career goals, which places greater demands on institutions to adapt, automate, and accelerate financial aid processing and workflows.

With Campus Management’s Financial Aid Solutions, you can automate financial aid processing and ensure compliance across a wide range of academic delivery models, from classroom to online instruction, semesters to flexible terms, and even clock-hour and competency-based programs.

Student Verification and Professional Judgments

The financial aid verification process is often a difficult and emotional experience for students. With our cloud-based verification software (formerly known as Education Partners Verification solution) you can automate and simplify the entire process for both students and staff.

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Self-Service Student Enrollment and Financial Aid Processing

Campus Management enables institutions to automate and accelerate student enrollment for financial aid processing. The self-service solution empowers students with intuitive, web-based tools throughout the enrollment process.

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Financial Aid Automation with CampusNexus Student

CampusNexus® Student, Campus Management’s flagship student information system, enables you to execute financial aid processes automatically, process revenues faster, remain compliant, and free staff to focus on student-success initiatives.

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