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Human Capital Management

As a higher education administrator, you are expected to rein in budgets and reallocate funds, yet grow academic programs. To overcome these challenges, you want a human capital management solution designed for higher education - CampusNexus® Finance, HR & Payroll.

Transform for Today and Tomorrow

You’re forecasting enrollments and projecting faculty headcount, while trying to reduce administrative costs. Your department needs greater data visibility to improve operational efficiency, but it must also maintain audit standards and compliance reporting schedules.

To overcome these challenges, you want an administrative solution designed for higher education that enables you to transform operations and optimize resources.

Human Resource Management

Your institution’s most valuable assets are the faculty, staff, and administrators working to guide your students to success. You need a global view of the organization and the ability to extend self-service functionality to your workforce. CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll helps you manage and optimize:

Human Resources

 – oversee your entire employee base, positions, and workforce alignment


 – process all aspects of employee compensation, payments, and withholdings


 – attract the best resources with native LinkedIn tools and support employee onboarding, engagement, and growth

Employee Benefits

 – administer multiple levels of benefits based on role, length of employment, standard packages, and elective categories

57% of Chief Business Officers state that greater transparency in campus decision-making would result in better financial decisions

Faculty Management

Successful faculty recruitment, onboarding, support, and management are critical to student and institutional success. CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll includes proven tools for:

Faculty Administration

 – track position type, tenure status, certifications and competencies, teaching load, performance, professional memberships, and knowledge creation

Faculty and Program ROI

 – measure faculty productivity and value of courses both in terms of financial ROI and student outcomes

Faculty Payroll and Benefits

 – manage multiple faculty types and compensation schedules (full time/part time, tenure/non-tenure, adjunct, contract, teaching assistant/graduate assistant) including multiple contracts and stipends

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Attract & Onboard Personnel with New Talent Management

Discover a powerful platform for managing the entire employee lifecycle at your institution, from hiring to managing benefits.

Financial Management System


Benefits Administration System


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