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Lancaster Bible College

Maximizing Recruitment, Retention, and Career Services with CampusNexus Occupation Insight

“I think a tool like this will help our students stay focused. Because what are the skills that you need? What are the courses that will provide these skills so that when you go out in the marketplace you will have skill, a college degree, and be ready to go.”

Dr. Peter Teague, EdD
President, Lancaster Bible College

Graduation Rates

Dr. Peter Teague, EdD
President, Lancaster Bible College

Career Services

“We’re reshaping our career services around Occupation Insight. What the ‘aha’ moment was when our business administration majors, when the professor saw skills in there, she said, We’re going to start our first day of class with these skills.”

Vince Johnson
CIO, Lancaster Bible College
Keli Gentzler
Assistant Professor, Lancaster Bible College

On the very first day of class it was great because I was able to pull up the Occupation Insight and show them. I was able to show them that you can be a plant manager. Here’s the salary that you will make here’s where these jobs are in the country.

Student Advising Process

Josh Beers,
SVP, Lancaster Bible College

Degree Program Outcomes

Student Career Paths

Travis Drayton,
Student, Lancaster Bible College

About Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College is a private, coeducational Bible college and seminary and graduate school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that “exists to educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving him in the Church and society.” In addition to its Lancaster location, LBC has six satellite locations that offer Accelerated undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs.

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