Career Explorer Demo

Explore this interactive demonstration of CampusNexus Occupation Insight Career Explorer.

The Career Explorer tool enables you to explore careers in the labor market to learn about employer demand, salaries, job postings, required education, desired experience, employment growth, and required skills. Students identify careers that are applicable to your institution’s programs.

How to use the Career Explorer demo instructions

How To Use the Career Explorer Demo

STEP 1: Click on Career Explorer button

Career Explorer can be configured to hone in on the Career Areas and Job Titles that are related to your institution’s programs by a common Classification of Instructional Programs code, or CIP code.

STEP 2: Select a state from the dropdown menu

STEP 3: Enter a job title in the Choose a Job Title search field

STEP 4: Select a job title

Career Explorer has enough information to display some basics about this job; salary potential, minimum education requirements based on the most common education path for the entry, and nationwide job postings.

STEP 5: Click the Deep Dive button

Student now see a visual representation of the education distribution information and can review the “Day in the Life” narrative description of the job to confirm their interest. Users can see what experience employers are seeking from someone in that field and what program at my institution is related to their career of choice.

STEP 6: Click Job Outlook

Gain insight into the current employment levels at the national and state level as well as 10-year projected growth figures.

STEP 6: Clear the state filter

Removing the state as a filter, users can also see the distribution of postings across each state and demand for the job across the country.

Put Occupation Insight to Work Across the Student Lifecycle


  • Enable applicants to research programs and their expected careers independently
  • Provide timely information on what careers are related to specific programs of interest
  • Provide layout of the job market landscape as it relates to their programs of interest
  • Provide students valuable program and course skill insight during enrollment

Academic Advising

  • Provide valuable program and course skill insight for student enrollment and planning
  • Advise students on course offerings and skills required to be more marketable for related occupations
  • Identify skills gaps to help drive student career and academic planning

Career Services

  • Provide career coaching for students nearing graduation so they understand how to market the education and skills they have gained
  • Advise students on the market demand for applicable careers, and where jobs are in demand based on current local, regional, and national employment data
  • Advise students on salary potential and desired experience of related occupations
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