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Transform Recruitment and Admissions with CampusNexus Apply

Your institution can now guide prospects and applicants on a journey tailored to their success, from their first inquiry through matriculation, with CampusNexus Apply.

Improve the Applicant Experience and Achieve Enrollment Results

What can transformation look like for your admissions and enrollment office? It’s not just about filling seats; it’s about becoming more relationship centered and empowering students to achieve their goals. With CampusNexus® Apply, your institution can now guide students on a journey tailored to their success, from their first inquiry through matriculation.

Unite Admissions Staff and Processes

Improve recruitment, application management, and constituent relationships throughout the enrollment lifecycle.

Empower Recruiters

Dynamically assign recruiters and advisors their territories based on your institution’s defined rules.

Improve the Applicant Experience

Empower applicants through self-service capability, with the ability to complete applications, track requirements, and confirm enrollment.

Streamline Application Review and Decisions

Support faculty, staff and others as they review applications and make important enrollment decisions.

CampusNexus Apply is a value-added option with CampusNexus Engage, Campus Management’s system of intelligence built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power BI.

Gain a Complete View of Student Engagement

CampusNexus Apply revolves around your prospective students. In one view, you can see all the ways each prospect, applicant, or student connects and engages with your institution over time.

Drive Student Retention and Success

Implement an innstitution-wide engagement platform with specialized functionality for student retention and outcomes.

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Go Beyond CRM for Higher Education

Provide the insight and engagement tools your institution needs to drive student success.

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CampusNexus Apply Solution Sheet

Discover how CampusNexus Apply brings enterprise capabilities to your admissions processes, providing a complete picture of each applicant.


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