Reporting & Analytics

In today’s budget-strapped environment, higher education programs cannot afford to go without insight into the return on investment of their recruitment, enrollment and marketing efforts.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics Tools that Help You Generate Actionable Data

Without understanding the effectiveness of your marketing programs, you are at a disadvantage when it comes time to prove your value to the institution. Radius by Campus Management offers your institution operational visibility and accountability for all your enrollment and admissions activities.

Radius by Campus Management includes a host of real-time reporting and analytics tools that help you generate actionable data that can be used to enhance ongoing recruitment marketing activities, demonstrate yield or prove ROI.

Solution Sheet

Radius by Campus Management Analytics Tools

Import/Export Data

Import/export data seamlessly to and from existing systems, such as your SIS, for easy access to data generated outside of Radius by Campus Management.

Custom Dashboards

Create custom reporting dashboards – based on individual roles – to display information that is most pertinent to each staff member.

Campaign Analytics

Gain insight into the results of recent campaigns across your institution to learn what’s working – and what’s not.

Custom Reports

Generate custom reports to show detailed outcomes and recruitment yield results.


Segment your constituents using data from across Radius to provide more personalized, targeted messages.

Determine Best Fit Students

Find the students that will be the most successful at your institution by analyzing data from the point of inquiry through graduation.

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