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Self-Service Student Enrollment and Financial Aid

Automate and accelerate student enrollment and financial aid processes in the cloud.

Self-Service Student Enrollment Solution

The Self-Service Student Enrollment solution enables your institution to automate and accelerate student enrollment processes with intuitive, web-based tools. The cloud-based solution simplifies document collection, review and processing, improves the student experience, and standardizes processes across departments.

Remove Complexity and Variability

Inconsistent, manual, and complex processes not only slow down the enrollment process, but often bring it to a complete stop. Students want, and need, simple solutions to reduce the stress of enrollment. The Self-Service Student Enrollment solution:

  • Reduces variation with process standardization across departments
  • Eliminates redundancies by offering complete process visibility
  • Minimizes student frustration by providing consistent processes

Scale with Ease

Increased enrollment and growth are the goals of many colleges and universities. Of course, with growth comes the issue of scalability, which is where simplicity and automation come in. The Self-Service Student Enrollment solution:

  • Automates document collection, review, and processing
  • Utilizes intuitive self-service applications, dynamic forms, and workflows
  • Enables forecasting through real-time dashboard reporting

Improve the Student Experience

Students are why we are here. Their experiences are a very important component of a successful institution. Reducing barriers to entry is the starting point to building the best possible student experience. The Self-Service Student Enrollment solution achieves this through:

  • Online, mobile friendly student self-service portals, accessible 24/7
  • Step-by-step tutorials, electronic signatures, and dynamic forms
  • Flexible Net Price Calculator tool that exceeds ED requirements

Automate Financial Aid

Financial Aid solutions automate all aspects of document collection, packaging, disbursing, and returning of funds. These SaaS-based solutions are configurable, flexible, and scalable to address the complex business needs of your financial aid office.

Minimize Compliance Risk

We recognize that the financial aid process is the most highly regulated process in the administration of higher education, with increased scrutiny around verification and the return of Title IV funds. The Auto Financial Aid solution simplifies these processes, ensures compliance, and mitigates risk through:

  • Automated verification featuring an ISIR Comparison Tool
  • Online student portals, dynamic forms, e-signatures, built-in workflows
  • Automated timely and accurate R2T4 and PWD calculations
  • Automated data-share with school SIS and COD

Improve Cash Flow

Simplify and accelerate the delivery of funds through streamlined processes and reduced cycle times. Our Auto Financial Aid solution serves as an extension of an institution’s ERP, SIS, and CRM technology, and provides the necessary business layer needed to improve processes and collect cash using the:

  • Automated Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) Mailbox Manager
  • Automated origination, disbursement, and management of Title IV funds
  • Automated document review and ISIR comparison tool

Gain Greater Visibility and Accountability

Gain the control you need to effectively manage your financial aid department. Follow student progress and financial aid administrator performance throughout the process with:

  • Reporting that allows for dynamic visibility of student progress, financial aid administrator performance, award disbursements, and monthly reconciliations
  • Real-time management dashboard reporting to monitor administrative process ownership and timeliness

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