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Smart Campus Features

Product Details

The SmartCampus suite of help campuses cater to a segment of Indian higher education that includes colleges that offer 3-year and 4-year courses in the professional education domain.

These colleges often look for solutions that help them automate key functions such as biometric access, student smart cards, attendance management etc. The SmartCampus suite helps colleges gain better control over day to day operations while offering protection from fraud at a basic level.

From our perspective, this suite is used by budget conscious colleges that seek to adopt a basic level of automation and in the long run (with enhanced budgets) go for CampusNexus products.

Features of the suite include:

  • A single integrated application that automates all processes on the campus for better efficiency and lower costs
  • Smart Card and Biometrics based access
  • Secure role based access – control who should see what information
  • Rich feature set of modules covering – Admissions, Fees, Academics, Examinations, Library, Hostel, HRMS and Payroll to name a few
  • Dynamic report dashboard – easily create or view different reports
  • Provides automation of everyday functionalities like – TimeTable, Attendance, Book Issue / Return, Dues Collection etc.
  • Provides the Principal and Management more control over the operations of all the processes in the campus and facilitates better informed decisions
  • Students & Staff can view their personal, financial and academic information using the smart card within the campus
  • Facilitates the academic departments to configure the academic calendar and lesson plan that helps them monitor academic progress during the entire term
  • Easily configurable to comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by the affiliated university regarding - admission process, attendance, internals, exam eligibility, course credits & eligibility, student promotion, etc.
  • Information accessible online or via information kiosks
  • Calendar scheduling and collaborative features for connecting all stakeholders – via online, Email and SMS functions