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Smart Campus

Gain Higher Returns Through Technology.

For institutions that wish to gain the highest level of returns on their technology investments, our SmartCampus ERP suite offers automation of key functions.

SmartCampus unites and automates functions such as admissions, communication and collaboration, HR & payroll, facility management, operational analytics, student information, examinations, among others on a single platform. The suite is primed towards enabling colleges to gain better control over their day to day operations while promoting transparency and compliance with local regulatory norms.

With SmartCampus, your campus staff gets to focus on their core tasks while the suite manages operations seamlessly while offering dynamic reports for aiding decision making. It is a highly scalable and configurable set of solutions for educational institutions.

It is also a valuable partner for campuses that are taking on the forces of disruption shaping the higher education sector. Be it improving student experience, managing resources, improving operational efficiency and taking your academic brand forward in a competitive environment, SmartCampus is your platform of choice.


From management to academic departments, every stakeholder in the student life-cycle gains through SmartCampus. As institutions scale up, they can opt for the CampusNexus suite with a seamless transition. Talk to us now to learn how your campus can gain a world of benefits with SmartCampus.

Aligned to the Industry

Helping educational institutions gain higher returns through the efficient use of technology.


  • Improve efficiency
  • Streamline and optimise operations across student lifecycle
  • Automate processes across the institution
  • Manage resources better by measuring and monitoring usage
  • Resource management
  • Secure your campus – prevent fraud

Institutional Advancement

  • Improve student intake
  • Deliver better student experience, expand placements
  • Improve ranking
  • Improve brand visibility

Governance & Compliance

  • Address statutory reporting needs
  • Improve operational transparency
  • Manage funding and project financing
  • Streamline records and archive management

Scalability and Continuity

  • Gain scalability across geos/campuses/student base/courses/delivery methods
  • Dynamic platform helps your campus adjust and adapt based your growth targets
  • Be growth ready - upscale to CampusNexus seamlessly