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Student Engagement

Student engagement has always been important to institutions, but never more than now, as over two-thirds of states have created legislation tying funding to outcomes. CampusNexus® Student helps you help your students in an era when accountability for outcomes is at an all-time high.

Boost Student Success

Drive Student Retention

Are you able to ensure that you’re sending personalized, relevant information to your students and prospects? Radius by Campus Management enables you to build deeper relationships with students through case management, event planning, and online inquiry management tools.

With CRM built in to CampusNexus, you can create an early-alert system to identify at-risk students, connect students to resources through automated workflows, and monitor intervention strategies through student progress reports.

The student information system also helps you ensure student success with career services tools for managing internships and employment opportunities, outcome reporting that measures the effectiveness of your programs and services, and the ability to provide legislative bodies with institutional effectiveness data.

Reporting and Analytics

CampusNexus Student includes a data warehouse with analytic views across a range of student and operational metrics and KPIs. Combined with powerful interactive data visualization tools from Microsoft Power BI, Campus Management provides the most cost-effective reporting solution for:

• Identifying enrollment trends, program capacity, persistence, and retention rates

• Measuring satisfactory academic progress and keeping students on the path to success

• Ensuring financial aid compliance and student funding

• Complying with accreditation and federal standards

• Empowering students with customized student transcripts on demand

Student Information System


Adapt and Grow As Needs Evolve


CampusNexus Student Features


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